Monday, September 18, 2017


The NCC Games Club awards special prizes and recognition each year to its most dedicated and most valuable players. MDP is our community contribution  award while MVP is a reflection of gamesmanship and participation.

This year we are ran an official League for Privateer Press’ game Warmachine, a charity games table at the incredible NCC Relay for Life, several video game events and had a ton of fun with boardgames and card games galore! 

Our new leadership have big plans in play for the upcoming year full of more leagues, a full on game tournament and the addition of Guild Ball - another new game for our already impressive roster!  All in all a solid year with more great things to come in September! Thanks to all for their hard work and great spirit! 

Instead of separate MVP and MDP awards this year Mr. Craig would like recognize two people both as MVPs -  Matt and Sheldon Crittenden – for their ability to inspire others around them, years of consistent dedication to this club, and their  joyful willingness to share and teach games to others. Mr. Craig is proud of you guys and thankful for all your contributions. 
Some of our 2015 /16 Crew

A few of the 2014/15 crew

Some of the 2013/14 crew

Most of the 2012/13 crew
2/3 of the 2011/12 crew

NOTE: Hey guys we do a photo EVERY YEAR - Please show up!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017



Once the new cards arrive we will be running a slight modification on the Journeyman league:
Here are the proposed adjustments:

Round: army points | Army Composition | Scenario
1: 0 points | Starting Battlegroup only, no Theme Forces | Mangled Metal
2: 15 points | Battlegroup only, no Theme Forces | Mangled Metal
3: 25 points | Battlegroup, Units, Solos, no Theme Forces | Trial by Fire
4: 35 points | Battlegroup, Units, Solos, no Theme Forces, ('caster swap allowed) | Trial by Fire
5: 35 points | Battlegroup, Units, Solos, no Theme Forces | Deathclock | Trial by Fire
6: 50 points | Battlegroup, Units, Solos, no Theme Forces | Deathclock | Trial by Fire

I am going to encourage players to play on the clock during the early weeks but it will be a requirement in the later ones! Time to up your game in this ALL NEW WAR!

Note: Each round will last 2 weeks to ensure everyone gets a chance to play. Sign up for your timeslots

Also Note that while the new Battleboxes will be used where possible, there will also be a few alternate starting Battlegroups based on our model availability.
See Mr. Craig for options.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Hey folks - I am excited to announce that with the ALL NEW WAR that is MK3 We have 3 ALL NEW Battleboxes and will soon have 2 more on the way!

I have put together the Legion, Khador and Retribution MK3 Battleboxes and (once it is released) I will be adding the 2 player Cygnar/Cryx Starter Box as well!

Here are some pics for you to salivate over - Time to prepare for MK3 - September will bring a hoard of new Demo games, learning opportunities and a proper Journeyman League!!!!!!!


Friday, August 5, 2016

New Game Store in Quinte!

Hey Club!

A new game store has opened in the Quinte Mall! Mindgames has a tonne of board games card games etc - and even hosts a dungeons and dragons night! I will also be seeing if miniature gaming/warmahordes is on the horizon - Ill keep you all posted!

Friday, June 24, 2016


Congrats to Matt and Sheldon - our 2016 Award winners! Also to Connor our new club president and Erik our new VP! Goodbye (but certainly not good riddance ;P ) to Ryan - thankyou for your 3 years of service as club admin!

 I have also added the new club photo:

PS: FOR PETES SAKE PEOPLE PLEASE SHOW UP FOR THESE PHOTOS!!!!! I understand that the kids from other schools and others from the community cant necessarily be there but there are a crap tonne of you who just don't show for this. Please come Next year.....

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Changing of the Guard

After several years as our President, Ryan will be stepping down and making room for a new leadership. It has been decided that the position will become a shared one with Connor as the new President and Eric as VP.  I am sure great things are ahead for the club as both of these guys have become ambassadors of our warmachine/hordes communities (eric with his Menoth and Connor with his Legion) and both have been very active in a wide variety of other games - from Zombies Keep Out, to BANG! to our video game days - these two have a great appreciation of gaming and the camaraderie this club stands for.

As discussed at the meeting we will also use this split leadership to help us stay atop of using this blog as a better communication and reporting tool as well! Cool Beans.

I for one welcome our new overlords and am looking forward to the new season of fun headed our way in September!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hey all a reminder that this Saturday there will be demos at Quinte Toy Con! It is a great time to bring along some friends that haven't seen the club yet and round up some new blood :)

See you there!